WAELE AFRICA Foundation has commiserated with the people of The Gambia over the death ofDawda Kairaba Jawara, Gambia's first post-independence president.  The elder statesman and Gambia's founding father who was also affectionately known as “Kairaba Jawara” or “Peaceful Jawara” died at the age of 95 on Tuesday.

Jawara, a Glasgow-trained veterinary doctor, led the former British Colony to Independence on 18th February 1965 until July 1994 when his reign was brought to an end by a bloodless military coup led by Yahya Jammeh, who went on to rule the tiny West African state for 22 years.

He founded the Protectorate People's Party, later renamed the People's Progressive Party, which emerged as the dominant political force following independence from Britain in 1965.

He served as prime minister from 1962-70, as the newly-independent Gambia. In 1970, Gambia adopted a republican constitution by referendum and Jawara was elected its first president.

Sir Dawda, under whose leadership The Gambia became one of Africa's few successful parliamentary democracies was a champion of international peace, justice and human rights. He lived a life that epitomises peace, tolerance, respect, and patriotism. His time as president has put the country on the path of development at both human and institutional standards. His legacy as the father of the nation shall forever live on.

While praying for the repose of the deceased, WAELE AFRICA Foundation prays that God consoles the family, acquaintances and the good people of The Gambia and grants them the fortitude to bear the loss.


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