World Lung Cancer Day, 1st August

World Lung Cancer Day occurs each year on August 1. The day takes the opportunity to bring awareness about lung cancer causes and prevention.

According to the American Lung Association, lung cancer is the leading cause of death among cancer patients.  Luckily, when diagnosed early enough, lung cancer survival rates increase five or more years by almost 56 percent.

However, prevention is necessary in order to detect and treat lung cancer before it spreads.

Lung cancer can affect anyone. Because the disease doesn’t discriminate, it’s important for everyone to review their risk factors. While several high-risk factors attribute to lung cancer a few include air pollution, smoking, exposure to secondhand smoke, and exposure to dangerous chemicals like radon gas.

One of the first steps to protecting your health is talking to your health care provider. Review your family medical history.  Furthermore, your medical provider can help you decide your risk levels and schedule any necessary screening. Although a health screening does not prevent disease, it does help combat the spread of disease through early detection.


If your family history includes lung cancer, encourage a family member to get screened. Make a day of it by scheduling the screening for both of you and having lunch afterward. By using #WorldLungCancerDay on social media, you will show support. Also, educate others on lung cancer prevention and treatment.

Helpful tips for early detection, as noted by the American Lung Association:

Lung cancer screening tests.

Refraining from tobacco use.

Testing your home for radon.

Avoiding overexposure to cancer-causing chemicals.

Eating healthy and exercising regularly.


Betsy Thompson receives credit as the founder of World Lung Cancer Day. Using her foundation, the Lung Cancer Survivors Foundation, Betsy began promoting the day as a time to spread awareness of lung cancer and its causes. Her vision continues through education and screening around the globe, respectively.

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