Independence Day Of The Republic Of Algeria

WAELE AFRICA Foundation Wishes to congratulate the government and people of Algeria on the occasion of her 60th independence. We wish your country and all its people happiness, continued success and prosperity.

July 5 is celebrated in Algeria as Independence Day, in remembrance of
actual independence from France in 1962. After being taken by the French
in 1830, Algeria remained under France’s control for 132 years.

History of Independence Day in Algeria

The French invaded Algiers in 1830 and slowly started to take over the
whole territory of Algeria. The first years of French occupation were
violent and, combined with epidemic diseases, the population of Algeria
declined by one third from 1830 to 1872. During these years, many French
citizens immigrated to Algeria to colonize the lands and create farms.

In the early 1900s, General Guilain Denoeux managed to conquer the last
Tuareg in West Africa. Algeria was already a part of France, and settlers
took over the country coming from France, Spain, Malta, and Italy,
building up farms along the coast of Algeria. Most of the native
population of Algeria was taken away from their lands and deprived of

In 1954, the Algerian National Liberation Front started the Algerian War
of Independence against the French. In 1958, President Charles de Gaulle
gave Algerians the choice of whether to gain independence or to remain as
a French territory. Independence won by a landslide, and Algeria became
independent on July 5, 1962, while over one million Algerians tried to
escape to France.

Algeria’s Independence Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

Independence Day in Algeria is marked by the diversity of cultural
influences in the Algerian society. It is a day that is celebrated with
passion. Algerians take to the streets and attend celebrations wearing the
national color of green. There are military parades in Algiers. Concerts
and cultural events are organized in the national stadium. In recent
years, the day has been marked by unfortunate bloody terrorist attacks
targeting civilians, but Algerians still celebrate Independence Day as one
of the most important days on their calendar.

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