Children’s Day, 27 May (Nigeria)

Children’s Day is celebrated on May 27th in Nigeria. It is a public holiday for Primary and Secondary school children.

As a matter of fact, May 27 every year is traditionally Nigerian children’s holiday where children are granted holiday as part of government’s desire of promoting social well-being in the country.

Even though most children in the villages do not have full knowledge of the occasion, some of them usually take a free day to play away from school. Others are seen in their various school uniforms celebrating the occasion through various activities such as marching parade at selected stadiums and so on, according to administrative planning of each state.

The occasion in Nigeria has further exposed the children to a better life where they have the opportunity of seeing the governor of their state live or his representative among other state officials to motivate and charge them to be godly as an upcoming asset of the nation.

THE idea behind children’s Day celebration is alien to African history and tradition. Not that African children are not valued and regarded as precious gifts from the Almighty God, but they believe there are limitations to their liberty and affection so as not to spoil them.

For example, only the twins are revered as a special strain and blessing to the society and so they are sometimes celebrated through public funfair of drumming, dancing which also involves parental display.

Today, the global concept of “Universal Children’s Day” has ensured unification and togetherness in celebrating values intrinsic in children as a core asset of nation building.

World Children’s Day was first established in 1954 as Universal Children’s Day and is celebrated on November 20 each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children for their well-being worldwide.

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