World Athletics Day, 7 May

World Athletics Day is observed on 7 May to raise awareness about sports among youth, in schools and institutions to promote athletics as the primary sport. And to introduce new talent and youngsters in the field of athletics.

There is a proverb that “Healthy body has a healthy mind.” In order to enhance sports activities throughout the world; there are various sports events organised in the world throughout the year.

In the same way; The World Athletics Day is organized by the IAAF (International Amateur Athletic Federation). World Athletics Day was celebrated for the first time in 1996.

The date of World Athletics Day is decided by the IAAF. In the year 2006, the participants of this day were between the age of 7 to 15 years but later on this age gap made to 13 to 17 years.

More than 100 sports federations of the world took part in the 2016 IAAF World Athletics Day. All the events and expenses that occurred during this day are sponsored by the IAAF.

The International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) was founded on 17 July 1912 in Stockholm (Sweden). The IAAF is the world governing body for the sport of field athletics and track.

Every event has a specific purpose so is the case with World Athletics Day. 
World Athletics Day Objectives;

1. Popularize sports among the youth.

2. Promote Athletics as the primary sport in schools and institutions.

3. To increase public awareness about sports and to educate youngsters about the importance of sports.

4. To firmly establish an important link between the youth, our sport, and environmental conservation.

Which sports are organised on this day;

The sport of athletics is an exclusive collection of sporting events that involve competitive events like walking, running, throwing and jumping, etc.

The most common types of athletics competitions are track and field, road running, race walking, and cross country running.

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