World Theatre Day 27 March

Today is the 60th World Theatre Day, and people and institutions all across the world are commemorating it.

World Theatre Day is celebrated on 27 March annually across the world since 1962 to raise the importance of the art form “theatre” and to act as a wakeup call for governments, politicians, and institutions that have not yet recognised its value to the people and also have not realised its potential for economic growth.


The International Theatre Institute (ITI) established World Theatre Day in 1962, and it was celebrated for the first time on March 27, 1962.

Jean Cocteau, the French poet, wrote the first World Theatre Day message. Since then, every year on that date, World Theatre Day has been observed around the world.


To spread awareness of the art form around the world.

To raise public awareness of the art form’s importance.

To empower the dance and theatre communities to promote their work on a large scale so that opinion leaders recognise and support the worth of these art forms.

To appreciate the art form for what it is.


Every year, the International Theatre Institute’s Executive Committee selects a distinguished theatre figure to compose the message for World Theatre Day.

Peter Sellars has been selected as the author for the World Theatre Day 2022 message.
Peter Sellars is an opera, theatre, and festival director from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has won international acclaim for his trailblazing and creative renderings of classics, as well as for promoting 20th century and contemporary music.

Sellars was also chosen because of his collaborative efforts with a diverse group of creative and performing talents.

“Theater is the creation on earth of the space of equality between humans, gods, plants, animals, raindrops, tears, and regeneration.

The space of equality and deep listening is illuminated by hidden beauty, kept alive in a deep interaction of danger, equanimity, wisdom, action, and patience”, Sellars said in his message.

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