Independence Day Of The Republic Of Malawi

WAELE AFRICA Foundation Wishes to congratulate the government and people of Malawi on the occasion of her 55th independence. We wish your country and all its people happiness, continued success and prosperity.

Independence Day in Malawi is held each 6 July to commemorate the day in 1964 when independence was declared from British rule. Malawi was not opposed militarily by the U.K. when it declared its sovereignty

Malawi came under British control in 1891, and it was named the colony of “Nyasaland” in 1907. After World War II, the desire for self-rule grew all over Africa, and a “Nyasaland African Congress” was formed to promote independence.

However, what is today Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe were all combined into a single confederated colony under British supervision in 1953. This move proved unpopular and only spurred on the independence movement in Malawi, despite the fact that limited autonomy had been granted to the new “mega-colony”.

Finally, the “Central African Federation” broke apart in 1963, making Nyasaland a separate colony again. In 1964, the country declared its independence and renamed itself “Malawi”.

Every 6 July there are special flag-raising ceremonies, patriotic speeches, and political rallies held throughout Malawi. Many municipal streets will be decorated, and there may be various celebratory public events and private family get-togethers

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