Founder/President WAELE Africa Foundation Condemns Coup Attempt In Ethiopia

The Founder/President WAELE Africa Foundation, Otunba Dr. Basirat Nahibi-Niasse has strongly condemned the attempted coup in Ethiopia which took place over the weekend. 

In a statement released from the organisation’s headquarters today, Nahibi-Niasse said that she was deeply concerned by the recent incidents which left four top army personnel dead, including the Chief of staff of the Ethiopian army, Gen. Sears Mekonen. 

She called on all Ethiopian stakeholders to demonstrate restraint, prevent violence and avoid any action that could undermine the peace and stability which is  being restored to Ethiopia. 

“Ethiopia should learn to embrace peace as well as the democratic choices of the people in Ethiopia,”she added. 

Before he was sworn into office, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed promised sweeping reforms to curtail government oppression. Since then, he has ushered in a series of changes that international human rights observers and activists have embraced: releasing thousands of political prisoners, allowing dissidents to return home, removing barriers for political parties, unblocking censored sites and ending a 20-year war with Eritrea. He also named women to half of Ethiopia’s cabinet positions and appointed the country’s first female president.

Ethnic violence, normally sparked by land disputes, has displaced nearly 3 million people across Ethiopia. 

WAELE Africa Foundation, a non- governmental organization with members in 52 African countries is structured to meet the yearnings of African women across the continent who believe women should participate fully in the economic decision making, peace & conflict resolution and governance of Africa.

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