June 16: International Day of Family Remittances

The International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR) is a universally-recognized observance adopted by the United Nations General
Assembly (A/RES/72/281) and celebrated every year on 16 June. The day recognizes the contribution of over 200 million migrants to improve the lives of their 800 million family members back home, and to create a
future of hope for their children. Half of these flows go to rural areas, where poverty and hunger are concentrated, and where remittances count the most.

Through this observance, the United Nations aims to bring greater awareness of the impact that these contributions have on millions of households, but also on communities, countries, and entire regions. The Day also calls upon governments, private sector entities, as well as the civil society, to find ways that can maximize the impact of  remittances
through individual, and/or collective actions.

To mark the Day and participate in the #FamilyRemittances Campaign, here are some suggestions for the different sectors involved:

> Governments and public sector stakeholders
*organize a multi-stakeholder meeting on – or around – June 16 to inform government agencies about your national migrants´ contribution to your countries´ GDP and learn what can be done to maximize the impact of these funds.

*promote financial education as a public good and a central pillar of financial inclusion to stimulate the uptake of financial services by migrant workers and their families.

*local governments can promote awards for greatest innovations brought migrant returnees or funded by migrant workers in benefit of their home communities.

> Private sector entities
*Promote a ZERO FEE day or week to transfer remittances for free, in order to encourage the use of international money transfer platforms and reduce informal transactions.

*Offer education campaigns that promote trust among remittance customers around the benefits and safety of mobile and other enhanced remittance transferred methods.

> Civil society

*Get prepared before migrating for work: pre-departure orientation (use our workshop guidelines containing format, questions, etc (link here).

*If you have been a migrant worker for a long time and you are longing to be with your loved ones:

Make your desire to reunite with your family a reality, by:

*Getting financial education so you know how to save on a regular basis;

*Promoting that your loved ones, including your children, learn how to
save and use wisely the hard-earned money that you send home regularly;

Ask your children´s school director/teachers to teach children basic savings principles.

>Diaspora organizations:
*Support your migrant nationals with information about cheapest, safest mechanism to send money home.

*Volunteer to provide financial education to migrants (use reference fined material).

*Organize a pre-departure awareness-raising day, involving migrant returnees.


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