Gender And Family Issues: Should Women Wait To Be Given Prominent Roles In The Society Or Should They Take It?

In Africa, emphasis is placed on gender, especially as it relates to the boy child. The boy is seen as the ruler or successor of the family and is given more prominent roles than the girls as they both grow up.

Boys are deeply involved in family issues and naturally placed above his sisters. Girls are expected to be quiet and are not expected to contribute or make decisions at a family meeting or at gathering.

When will girls/women be given a prominent role in their enlarged community and their voices heard? Isn’t it time the gender issue is addressed properly?

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  • Ngozi Iloh June 11, 2019 3:57 pm

    Women cannot afford to wait to be “given” prominent roles. They should go and take the roles themselves. If they wait, they will end up getting only tokens. I think we have passed the age of tokenism. Women should be more active and proactive.

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