Gender & Power: Who Makes A Better Boss- A Man Or A Woman?

We live in a male-dominated world as strictly designed by the Almighty right from creation. Notwithstanding, God created woman to assist man and not as his servant. However, the world has evolved since creation and man and woman have interchanged leadership positions across all human endeavours. Questions have, however, arisen about who the better boss is between a man and a woman with divergent reasons and positions given by stakeholders depending on perspectives.

The question is, who truly is better, a male or a female boss?

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  • Ekujuvwevwo Obaro Lovely May 24, 2019 4:37 pm

    The woman would have been a better boss if she did not allow pride and arrogance, when power is giving to most women they misuse it on their fellow woman, what a male boss will play on they take it to the extreme to punish those under them. In my office a woman worked with two male bosses for years and because of the situation then she started selling snacks and mineral just to sustain her family after about 10years she got a female boss who does not want to see her display her snacks of which the female boss used to patronise her before now, another one when she was still giving birth at a tender age she brings her child to the office while she was under a boss (male) she will not allow those under her come with their children to the office when she became a boss she tells u it is against the civil service laws. I for one prefers a male boss to female boss

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