Report: The Roles Of Women In Addressing/Countering Terrorism And Violent Extremism

The Roles Of Women In Addressing/Countering Terrorism And Violent Extremism

As a response to the invitation from the IGAD –SSP, I had attended a training workshop from 22nd-24th April 2019 in Entebbe –Uganda on The Roles Of Women In Addressing/Countering Terrorism And Violent Extremism. I represented WAELE AFRICA Foundation.

At the introduction ceremony I spoke about WAELE AFRICA as a regional organization working in 52 countries in Africa empowering women economically and in leadership in their communitiesand that the organization is playing a leading role in peace and conflict resolutions.

The workshop discussed the role of women in Countering Violence Extremism through presentations that showed the violence against women who are forced to be within the terrorist groups or even those who join these groups willingly according to their financial needs or their expectations to have a new life as in the experience of (Jehad Prides). This call leads to women joining the Terrorist groups to get married or unfortunately, turn them to be sexually abused by men in those groups.

By attending this workshop, I had an excellent opportunity to gain more knowledge about Prevention, countering and addressing Violent Extremism. I also learnt more about the role of NGOs in creating awareness on the risks of joining the terrorist groups, and how important it is to empower women by providing micro finance projects for poverty alleviation. Money provided by the terrorists is discovered to be one of the reasons that make women join these groups.

Report sent in by Barrister Samia Babiker, WAELE AFRICA Foundation Deputy President 2


  • Hon. Agnes Atsu May 18, 2019 8:39 am

    Congratulations Ma and thanks for always representing. WAELE has made a mark in the Africa in the fight against social vices. God bless you ma

    • WAELE AFRICA May 21, 2019 10:26 am

      Thank you for your response

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