How We Can Close The Gender Gap

How We Can Close The Gender Gap

Women have been strong since the point of inception, however only until recently has society started to understand the true strength of this gender. Society’s views are finally changing, little by little. But yet, so many of us are dis-empowered. We can teach our daughters to be strong and to say “no”. We can travel the world and teach women empowerment courses and the importance of staying in school.

We can stand at United Nations assembly and protest against the gender wage gap and we can stand up for other women who need our help. We can fight against mental health stigma and teach about birth control and safe sex practices. We can learn self-defense and learn how to shoot a gun. We can vote only for those politicians who support women’s rights. We can fight harder to enforce tougher rape chargers. We can cook barefoot in the kitchen and earn a six-figure salary. We can fight in the military, climb mountains, run marathons, give birth, and run for president.

We can continue to do all of these things because we are strong and we never give up. However, we have always been strong and we have always been able to be successful, it is our society that has hindered us and is still hindering us.

The only way we can overcome the gender gap in both developing and developed countries is for our societies to start teaching men, from a young age, how valuable and how strong women are. Men need to overcome their ignorance and chauvinistic ways but men are not the only culprits, women are also guilty of allowing this. So many young girls believe beauty is in the man’s eyes and we must marry and have children to be successful in society. So many women use their bodies to be accepted and will go to extreme lengths to obtain this beauty. Women need to stop allowing other women to act like this. We also need to stop competing with each other and start lifting each other up.

Kristen Fuller, M.D.
Happiness Is a State of Mind


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  • Ojo Bridget February 7, 2019 12:28 pm

    Yes ooooo women should stand up for each other

    • WAELE AFRICA February 7, 2019 12:35 pm


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