Women Shouldn’t Be Their Own Enemy

This is a phrase I have heard for the longest time from both men and women and it bugs me. Women are complex human beings which I think stems from being created to be a helper and therefore the complexity. The ability to shuffle activities without messing any of the activity is amazing. A woman can be eating, chatting, watching Netflix and thinking about going to the salon tomorrow all at the same time.

As a woman, somewhere in your life/career you might have had an awful experience that made you think that indeed we are our own worst enemies. Because women can get into this petty competitions and jealousies coupled with their detailed remembering that spirals everything out of control. If it isn’t about fashion it’s about politics around work or just plain disdain at the new intern with good hair who never gets anything right. Instead of holding the next/younger woman’s hand, you are scared there won’t be enough shine for all of you.

Any person who is scared of another person’s success and feels threatened is yet to figure out their identity, passion and purpose. A person rooted and sure of what they are, their purpose and work ethic will not be scared or jealous because they have figured out what works for them. They also realize that they could have used a little help when around the same age/level. Sometimes we give credit and importance to people who look like they have got it altogether but in reality they don’t. I am not championing disrespect to those still finding their voice, but we have to choose opinions from people who matter and who are about growth.

And so you might wonder why such and such a person, who got it “all together” is mistreating you. As a woman, you’ll start questioning a lot, decoding and deciphering but maybe you are just a representation of what they’d want to be or you’ve got it “all together” unbeknown to you.

So I say to all women to love themselves and pull each other up. Inasmuch as the woman to woman relationship needs improving, Women are their own worst enemies is a lie that has been peddled to justify a lot of unrelated issues. It has also been used as an argument to why men cheat. A man was telling me how a best friends snatch their best friend’s man, because women are their own worst enemies. No. Both of you are just shitty friends. I have seen and know of great women-women relationships. It just depends.

You might have had of the, “Most of my friends are guys because girls too messy or too this or that.” This was once a saying of mine but there are some things that only a girl can understand apart from ovaries, there are other things.The point is, women need to reevaluate how they treat each other and why they do. Just be blunt in your talking and dealing with people, it might earn you less friends but at least you know they are genuine.

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