What To Learn From African Women

What To Learn From African Women

African women are strong, connected and expressive.  We can learn so much from them. Here’s a few tips from the content we should all take on board.

Life is short. Embracing it is half the battle!

  • Keep looking forward. Wake up every day with hope!
  • Be present; with yourself, your family and your life to find truth and a pure sense of belonging
  • Appreciate what you have in your life every day
  • Respect your elders and your culture to feel connected in this world
  • Dance with your family with confidence first so you can dance with the world  like no one is watching!
  • Express yourself often, with new hairstyles, not crazy nails but colourful clothes so the world can see you
  • Know your neighbour so you can learn how to share
  • Lift your head high and fight for yourself.  Strength is a mindset.
  • Family and great Friends is the secret to happiness
  • The secret to self achievement is having a place to really call home
  • Be proud of who you are, what you look like and what you wear. You only have one you!
  • Celebrate life everyday. You never know what happens tomorrow.
  • Be connected to the Earth and everyone in it. We are people of the the earth and all connected.
  • Be aware that you are here because of who we all are.
  • See the way you are as a strength and to prepare you for greater tomorrow.
  • Be liberated from fear and silence.
  • Accept yourself. Recapture some of the positive aspects of your culture.
  • Keep walking in life, no matter how your journey is.
  • You can’t do it alone. Its’ teamwork. Keep in mind African women share love and compassion to be one.
  • There are opportunities even in the most difficult moments

If this doesn’t inspire and make us stronger, more connected and rethink how we live.  I’m not sure what will. This is a celebration from women, often with less who have a tendency to celebrate and challenge so much more.  It’s beautiful, powerful and something we should all celebrate as people of this world, male and female.  Young and old!!


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