Community Discourse: What Challenges Do You Think African Women Face?

Community Discourse: What Challenges Do You Think African Women Face?

It is time to bring together voices of key actors in the gender equality and women’s empowerment arena, to update and discuss critical developments in the field and assess the extent of implementation of commitments.

However, many reports said Economic exclusion; financial systems that perpetuate their discrimination; limited participation in political and public life; lack of access to education and poor retention of girls in schools; gender-based violence; harmful cultural practices, and exclusion of women from peace tables, are the major standing barriers to achieving gender equality in Africa.

Do you agree to these factors or do you think there are others which are not listed here? In addition, what do you think is the way out to empower the African Woman?

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  • Efua Adetona September 12, 2018 5:04 pm

    Access to health care as well as access to health information that would allow women to make good choices for their health

  • Osagioduwa Eweka September 13, 2018 4:58 pm

    While I agree with all these, there is a missing link which is the impoverished women-women solidarity and support. Oftentimes we see that women frustrate the developmental efforts of fellow women or discourage them when emancipatory ideas are shared. On the question of the way out, education is everything. Women, particularly in Africa, should be unschooled and reschooled, not necessarily in the sense of formal education alone, but in terms of African cultural values and ethics that are predicated on the philosophy of unity and acceptance. Lack of the latter undoubtedly form part of the bane of the woman question.

  • Brigit September 24, 2018 2:05 pm

    Thank you for highlighting the critical challenges faced by an African woman.Personally,i think we need to build self confidence & self awareness among our African women,by doing so they will be bold enough to explore and venture the many opportunities available in the society for them to get empowered.I do believe this world will be a better place as women are naturally created to nurture and they will be best agents of change in both their families and the society at large.

    Brigit Saru

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