Address Delivered By Otunba Dr Basirat Nahibi – Niasse The Founder /President Of Women Advancement For Economic And Leadership Empowerment In Africa (WAELE/ARCELFA) At A Three Days WAELE Launching Workshop Held On The 15th – 17th Of March 2005 In Bamako-Mali

Great women of West Africa Sub Region, I bring you greetings from the Headquarters of our great Organization in Abuja, Nigeria.

We in Nigeria cherish the common bond of friendship and close ties binding members and various branches of our great Organization. WAELE was founded on the 8th of May 2004, and registered as an NGO on the 7th September 2004 the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The role and contributions of Women Advancement for Economic and Leadership Empowerment in Africa (WAELE/ARCELFA) to the global struggle for the emancipation and empowerment of African women have been properly enunciated in our lofty aims and objectives which are as follows:-

  1. To engage in research, information, education and enlightenment campaign on economic and political issues     as        they affect women.
  2. To serve as a forum where African women exchange ideas, discuss their problems, design and form strategies

Regarding the promotion of their business/interests.

  1. To encourage and promote training of members to enable them developed individual talent, which will enable them,      contribute to the overall economic development of the     continent.
  2. To assist African rural women to organize themselves and improve on their working methods.
  3. To organize and participate in local and international trade fairs.
  4. To work with government to promote initiatives on wealth creation and capital formation.
  5. To empower women economically and politically.
  6. To raise the consciousness of women about their rights and roles in order to appreciate their economic and political     responsibilities.
  7. To enhance their income by assisting them to acquire credit facilities and establish cottage industries for processing farm produce
  1. To encourage women to actively participate in politics and sustenance of democratic governance.
  2. To mobilize and sensitize women to attain their political potentialities.
  3. To educate women about their reproductive health & right
  4. To Network with other NGOs with similar objectives.

In our resolute effort to achieve the objectives of the Organization, the Board of Trustees has made provision in        the constitution of the Organization for the establishment of structures, through which we can channel programs and activities that will ensure our effective participation not only in the struggle for women advancement but also in establishing a virile and committed Organization that will champion the sustainable emancipation of the African woman. Indeed this is the mission statement of WAELE/ARCELFA.

The Organization is also committed to translating into realistic action the yearnings of African women across the continent who believes that women should participate more fully in the economic decision making and governance of our great continent Africa.

This action program will include capacity building workshops, women access to loan and credit, organizing trade fairs, political involvement and small scale industries. The struggle for the achievement of these laudable goals that will bring women into economic independence has already started in earnest in Nigeria.

It is our believe that this struggle will be wide spread and all embracing to include all women of Africa wherever they may be. But, in particular with the women of WAELE/ARCELFA in the vanguard of the struggle. This empowerment as it relate to Nigeria has been carried out in all aspect of human endeavor. It is gratifying to note that within the short period of the Organization’s existence we have been able to give relief materials to women and children that suffered from ethno-religious crises in the northern part of Nigeria.

We have also been able to empower our women who are into farming with empowerment equipment to boast their production

Those that are into cassava processing could only produce two bags of cassava manually with hard labour in a week but after giving them the equipment, they can now produce twenty (20) bags daily. Similarly, the women that are into palm oil producing could only produce 20 liters’ in a week; it is my pleasure to let you know that with the economic empowerment equipment that our Organization has given to them, they can now produce 400 liters’ in a day. We are confident that the group of women who are beneficiaries of our program will now be economically strong and they would be able to cater for the needs of their family and the community at large. In this aspect, we are looking forward to empower our members in other African countries as well as soon as the women of these countries are card carrying members of WAELE/ARCELFA.

Women of our great Organization, it is my firm belief that this decade of this new millennium signifies a critical aspect of our struggle for economic and leadership empowerment of African Women. I also believe that working together; we can achieve these goals that we have set for ourselves. More so with the growing support Africa is receiving from the international community in the promotion of women empowerment and their contribution to National development; we must therefore take full advantage of this renewed commitment to African Nations.

Distinguished ladies, as we gather here today we should reaffirm our faith and trust not only in our Organization, WAELE/ARCELFA, but also in our womanhood and common aspirations to attain women economic and leadership empowerment. Let us leave Bamako imbued with the motivating spirit and dynamism associated with our great Organization, WAELE/ARCELFA.

May God bless you all and may peace be with you till we meet again.



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