Speech Delivered By Otunba Dr Basirat Nahibi – Niasse, Founder/ President Women Advancement For Economic And Leadership Empowerment In Africa (WAELE/ARCELFA) On The 35th Anniversary Of The Great El-Fateh Revolution Of The Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Held At Ladi Kwali Hall, Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers On September 28th 2004

Your Excellency, the Ambassador of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Engr. Manzour Usman.

Distinguished ladies and Gentlemen.

Good evening.

I wish to congratulate your great Country on the 35th Anniversary of the great El-fateh revolution. It is really a great honour to be part of this historic celebration.

We appreciate the immense contribution of the Leader H.E. Col. Muammar Al-Gaddhafi to the development of African Women. He has been eagerly wishing that the voice of the African Women should be heard strong and forcefully. He has also been calling for the establishment of the United States of Africa similar to the United States of America and European Union. The leader said “I am confident that the African Woman is stronger than the African Man and, could in fact, perform an historic role”. Provided giving the opportunity.

We thank him for believing and having confidence that the African Women have potentials if encouraged. We also share in this vision of the great Leader HE Col. Muammar  Al-Gaddhafi, It was for this reason, a Non Governmental Organization Women Advancement for Economic and Leadership Empowerment in Africa (WAELE/ARCELFA)  which will strive to unify various groups and provide a stronger voice towards meeting African Women’s aspirations was founded

The organization has started empowering Women through Micro Credit and economic empowerment Equipment. On August 24th, 2004 we presented the following Empowering Equipment to the Women of Akwa Ibom State.

  1. 1 no Complete Set Cassava Processing Machine
  2. 2 no Complete Set Palm Oil Processing Machine
  3. 15 Sewing Machine
  4. 6 over locking Machine
  5. 3 Embroidery Machine

On October 12th 2004 In-sha Allah, WAELE/ARCELFA will be in Borno State to present the following Empowerment Equipment to the Women of the State:

  1. 8 no 8Hp Milling Machine
  2. 16 no Knitting Machine
  3. 10 no Sewing Machine
  4. 4 no Over-locking Machine
  5. 2 no Embroidery Machine

Sir, you will agree with us that this is a noble cause. Women Advancement for Economic and Leadership Empowerment in Africa is ready to take the challenges of wealth creation among our African women. It is only when women are economically empowered that they will be able to participate in the governance of their Countries and Africa at large. It is only then that their voices will be heard.

On behalf of  our Organization, Women Advancement for Economic and Leadership Empowerment in Africa (WAELE/ARCELFA), We hereby present to Your Excellency the portrait of the great and visionary Son of Africa H.E. Col. Muammar Al-Gaddhafi for onward delivery to him.

Thank you and God bless.

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