When women lack economic autonomy, they face an increased risk of violence and limitations to their life choices. Having an independent income is key for women to exercise more control over their own lives.

Women are expected to provide the needed support for their husbands when there are glaring and insurmountable challenges.

While paid work is critically important, there are other aspects of women’s economic rights that go beyond it. For example, the right to adequate standard of living which encompasses the right to good food and the right to good housing.

Women spend at least 2.5 times more time than men on unpaid care and domestic work, cooking, cleaning, fetching water and firewood and caring for children, the sick and the elderly but they are still limited in terms of fund control and disbursement. Women also don’t also have access to land due to some cultural and traditional beliefs although they spend more time tilling the land and farm in their own little ways.

What should the government or the parliament do to support women’s economic empowerment holistically?


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