Widowhood is as old as humanity itself. God created man and woman to cohabit, copulate and bring forth offspring but because nothing lasts forever, either the man or the woman will have to leave the other for the great beyond at the appointed time. The stark reality, however, is that there are more widows than widowers, maybe because men prefer their wives to succeed them to take care of the children or just by devine arrangement.

A widow is subjected to a lot of harrowing experiences when she loses her husband. In parts of Africa, after the husband's demise, a widow goes from being accused as the one responsible for her spouse’s death to languishing in penury without any assistance from anybody.

Widows’ remarrying is always seen as a taboo whenever such arises. The belief is that a widow can transfer the ‘bad luck’ that led to her husband’s death to her new man.

But truly, should a widow remarry or remain a widow for life because of what the society will say?


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