On June 23rd each year, International Women in Engineering Day highlights a profession that keeps on building. And when it comes to engineering, the profession fills roles across many sectors.


Numerous fields require engineering specialties. Careers abound in architectural, aerospace, marine, electrical, and computer engineering. However, many more areas enlist engineering expertise. And the demand is growing every year, too. Despite that, women only fill a fraction of these positions. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, just under 13% of the engineers in the U.S. are women. Australia’s numbers 
are similar, too. However, in the UK the number dips to 9%.

Campaigns around the globe spotlight the need for more women in the engineering workforce. Not only does it encourage women to enter engineering fields, but it spotlights the need for a diverse workforce. The day also celebrates the women engineers in the workforce. As role models, they are distinctly qualified to encourage more women to join the field.


Women in engineering lead the way for many others to join the workforce. Share your experiences in the engineering field and encourage other women to pursue a career in engineering. The day is not only a celebration of women, but it also serves as an opportunity for education. Whether you seek more information for yourself, or impart your knowledge to others, take part in #WomenInEngineeringDay.

While celebrating the day, learn about women who paved the way for the women engineers of today.

Emily Warren Roebling – Study her contributions to the development and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Olive Dennis – Her pursuit of an engineering degree led her to work for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Learn about her success!

Thelma Estrin – After World War II, Estrin earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and later her interest grew in biomedical engineering.

Ellen Ochoa – Her distinguished career has taken her many places, including becoming an astronaut! In 1990, this electrical engineer became the first Hispanic woman in space.

Celebrate a woman engineer you know!

As an employer, recruit qualified women engineers and listen to what they have to say.

Attend career fairs to learn more about S.T.E.M. careers like engineering.

Educators, support girls in S.T.E.M. curricula.

Sponsor a Women in Engineering Day event. For tools and resources, visit inwed.org.

Share your events and stories on social media using #WomenInEngineeringDay.


In 2014, the Women’s Engineering Society launched National Women in Engineering Day in the United Kingdom. Over the years, the observance grew to a global event and in 2017, the day became international.

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