💖 Embracing Unity and Blessings: WAELE AFRICA Foundation's Heartfelt Message on the Islamic New Year Muharram 1446AH! 💖

In the spirit of love and understanding, WAELE AFRICA Foundation reaches out with deepest affection to our beloved Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide, extending warm wishes for a joyous Islamic New Year in Muharram 1446AH.

As the dawn of this promising year unfolds before us, may it bring an abundance of happiness, prosperity, and unwavering hope to each and every one of you. May the divine blessings of Allah envelop you in His mercy, granting you forgiveness and showering your lives with endless abundance.

Let us, hand in hand, pledge to be beacons of kindness and pillars of support for one another, nurturing a community founded on compassion and understanding. Together, let us create a world where love and benevolence reign supreme.

To our treasured family, friends, and acquaintances of the Christian faith, let us embrace our unique differences as threads that weave the tapestry of unity, peace, and progress. May the warmth of love and the glow of prosperity illuminate each corner of your homes, fostering joy and harmony.

In closing, WAELE AFRICA Foundation extends our warm regards and most heartfelt wishes for a Happy Islamic New Year, Muharram 1446AH! May this new year be a tapestry of blessings, unity, and love for each and everyone. 🌟🌙🕊️

WAELE AFRICA Foundation 


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